Fashion Head to Toe - I’ll reach for your hand in the cold of winter

Gocha! Swear I saw love hearts in your eyes just then!
Aren't those earrings so pretty?
There was another one in black, but I thought the white was better :) 


Sometimes, it's all you need to wear

No words can ever describe my love to Christina Aguilera.
Yesterday, I spent hours clicking through her gorgeously gorgeous perfume website.
I especially love this page, it's a must-see.
You roll over the perfume photo to find out the notes of the perfume!

If you haven't heard her songs,
or haven't heard of her (Oh my god NO),
you should check out her songs or see her Burlesque trailer on Youtube.
So breath taking!


Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping

Hey guys
I just came back from the fabulous Shibuya a few hours ago!


 I don't have any photos of the inside of the 109 shop 
(because first of all, no one needs a strange teenager in the 
middle of the crowded place, snapping around with a pink camera),
but I must say, I went into almost every single shop!
Then I got tired, so I went into this cafe/restaurant on the 8th floor with mum-
the place was way better than we expected!

Here's the 
choc-banana parfait 
I ate. 
I also ate some pasta, too :-9

After the 109 shopping, we strolled up and down the streets, looking for more stores. 
Now, look what happened when we came back to 109!
It had gotten so dark that the neon signs were sparkling mega-brightly. 
Just compare this photo with the first!
So we went back home, safe and sound, I took a photo of some of my buys...
...and jumped onto this computer ;)