Do you think I need this? Yes I do!

Clicking away on style.com, I think they have the best fashion show photos.
Like they've got everything. And everything is what I need.

Now here's what I did.
I opened many random pages from style.com as faaaaaaaaaast as I could
and clicked on the photos that
really really REALLY, SERIOUSLY caught my eyes.(fast, ofcourse!)
I did it for 5 minutes...and ended up with these outfits!

From Twenty8Twelve
- the blue caught me in an instant.

From Sass & Bide
- I just had to enlarge that photo.

From Ralph Lauren
- yes it's white...and white...!

- I know! I know!
*squeals with excitement*

From Dior
- Did I tell you I love purple?
Only about a billion times.

From Chanel
- I don't know how to explain that. Too good.

From Jean Paul Gaultier
- Aha. Paris!

I must say, the clicking game is a really good way to find your style.
'Cause these outfits have something in common...my dream style!
Those are the kind of things I love to wear and want to wear.
Some are still too mature for me :P


  1. Loved reading this post! Great photos! (:

    PS: Thank you for the birthday wish on fb! ♥

  2. great pics!
    thanks for the comment.