Her Blog: Tavi Gevinson

Have we all heard of Tavi Gevinson? Hope so!
You could call her the most popular fashion blogger in the world!
She started her blog when she was only 11- and has over 4000000 followers.
 I check our her posts every day :)
These are her recent photos (Caution: You won't be able to take your eyes off)!

(Photos from her blog)

Hellooo there, I know you want to keep looking,
but please just pay attention for 1 minute here!
Tavi's must-love blog is at: http://www.thestylerookie.com/.
Read it, love it, follow it ♥


  1. hey, i love tavi too! your blogs good, might be a follower!


  2. oh wow, at 11??? How old is she now!! I am going to stalk her blog ^___^ I love her pictures, colorful and beautiful, thank you for sharing!!



  3. She was 11 in 2008 - so now she is 13 or 14!

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  5. hey, i love her! she is one lucky (talented) kid. thanks marika for answering my post in the coffee shop. i appreciate the encouragement. i was glad to get your blog address because i LOVE fashion. who says chubby girls can't be fashionable too? :) so apart from my addictedtosugar.blogspot.com i hope you'll also check out my fashion blog sometime (it's written under my real name- just ignore the picture as it is misleading from being taken like a year and a half ago hehe) i dont update it as regularly as my dieting blog but hope you will check it out sometime. it's about being fashionable on a budget! vivalafashion1.blogspot.com

    anyways i love your blog! look forward to following and seeing what you post!

  6. i love tavi too, she has amazing style!