Merry Christmas 2010♥

2010 sure went too fast! Christmas has come again!
          Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Thankyou so much for supporting my blog!
All your visits and comments mean so much to me♥

☆       ☆       ☆       ☆       ☆

How was your Christmas?
I sure ate a lot of cake ;)
Even tried some snails...but I didn't like them at all!

☆       ☆       ☆       ☆       ☆

Also, I have news!

A week ago, I received an offer to be interviewed on okreko.com -
ofcourse, I accepted! I'm so happy that they gave me this chance!

Click here to see my interview♪


  1. I loveeee that gingerbread house, it looks yummy! Congratulations on your interview. I love your blog, I'm a new follower. Come visit and follow if you'd like :)
    Wish you a great holidays!! xo

  2. You have a great blog! You left me a comment ages ago and i never followed you back so im following you now! Follow back? X

  3. Thank you for the support sweetie (:
    following you too ^_^ x

  4. Merry Christmas :). I love your blog ^^
    If you want follow me, and I follow you.
    A Kiss

  5. Thank you very much! Now I follow you too :)