Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow

I'm sure you all know about the terrible disaster that's happening right now in Japan -
It's painful how so much people are suffering
I live about 1300km away from Tokyo, so we had an earthquake of around 6.5.
The room suddenly started to shake, and everything fell down from the shelves.
 It went on for a few minutes, and the shake got stronger and stronger each second.
When it stopped, our school was a mess.

Things were crashed on the floor, some windows were cracked, 
and the 4th floor was flooded because the pipes broke!
I stayed at school until 10 pm, because aftershocks were going on.
It actually still is, every few often.
Yesterday, there were nuclear explosions in Fukushima, where even more people died.
So far about 200 people in the area are in hospital,
 because they seem to have been exposed in the radiation.
Let's pray for them, and hope that they will be alright.
Let's hope that it can be stopped before it spreads to even more people.

Photos from WeIt


  1. I think we're all shocked about what's going on. Even though I live 9000 kilometers away, in Denmark, the biggest television network, has canceled every show during the last couple of days, to report about the disaster.



  2. So glad you're okay! I'm praying for Japan ♥

  3. it shows that we must live every day to the fullest!
    Praying for you/Japan!
    Stef p.s. gorgeous pictures!

  4. This is such a Tragedy. Been thinking and praying for Japan. Happy to see you are ok!

    This made me realise we must enjoy every minute of the present, as who knows what tomorrow could bring.....
    take care

    ps: The photos are lovely!

  5. I'm so glad you're ok.. This is such a devastating tragedy. Praying for Japan and for those affected. Life is precious and now more than ever we need to start living it!!


  6. Our all prayers are with u guys, we are still in shocked to see such situation. Time is a big healer... God Bless u

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  7. I am truly shocked and sad this things happened. My prayers are with Japan. *hugs*

  8. I have not heard much news on japan as of late but I hope all is well for all there, my prayers are with you all!!

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